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Programs for
Babies & Toddlers

Boston Outdoor Preschool Network baby and toddler programs serve ages 6 months - 2.9 years.


We offer playgroups, half day programs, as well as full day programs focused on sensory exploration, gross and fine motor skills, and building social emotional foundations for preschool readiness.


Half Day Toddler

Ages 15 months - 2.9 Years

Location: Wellesley 

Ages 2.5 years - 2.9 Years

Location: JP/Roslindale 

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Ages 15 months - 2.9 years

Location: Wellesley

Full Day Toddler

Toddler Playgroup

Ages 15 months - 2.9 years

Locations: JP/Roslindale , Malden

Program at a Glance

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Motor Skills

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Sensory Exploration

“Rainy days at BOPN are so special to me— there’s something about a big puddle that inspires community and positive interactions between toddlers.


Everyone is sharing tools, sharing the space, and working together to collect nature items. The toddlers had a wonderful time splashing around together."

~ Lead Toddler Teacher, Excerpt from a Daily Note to Parents

At BOPN we foster community through...

  • circle time and playing together

  • seasonal family events

  • creation of a family book for children to get to know each other's families

  • regular communication, both written and verbal, about your child's day

"Today, we took advantage of the rain and puddle-hopped in our outdoor classroom all morning long. Puddles are also a great tool for fine and gross motor skills.


Little hands poured water from cup to cup and used shovels to fill up a bucket, and feet stomped, ran, and jumped through puddles, even in full rain suits!”


~ Lead Toddler Teacher, Excerpt from a Daily Note to Parents

At BOPN we help children hone their gross and fine motor skills by....

  • providing ample opportunity to run, climb, and jump

  • encouraging toddlers to collect small items, such as acorns, which builds their pincer grasp

  • preparing an environment that invites kids to pour, scoop, and mix

"The children explored corn and flowers we found outside in the morning. One child asked questions such as, "what happened to the corn? It’s cold.”  Other toddlers were fascinated by the sounds of the husk around the corn maze. 


The little children delighted as they explored using all of their senses!"


~ Lead Toddler Teacher, Excerpt from a Daily Note to Parents

At BOPN, we encourage sensory exploration by...

  • encouraging students to smell everything from the flowers to the air after a summer rain

  • inviting toddlers to touch and feel the rough texture of bark, smooth texture of rock, and refreshing coolness of a puddle

  • surrounding children with beauty and an ever-changing world of color to delight their eyes

Read more writing from BOPN teachers

"BOPN has been such a blessing for our family and daughter. We really like the fact that she has been able to explore nature and has a sense of freedom being outdoor and learning at the same time. Also, the teachers make a big difference as they care for and encouraging our daughter to learn and have a great experience."

~BOPN Parent

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Spending time out of doors helps children learn about their needs as they realize they can warm up with a coat, cool down with a sip of water, and relax under a shady oak after a long hike.

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Nature's Toy Box

Natural materials inspire creativity, foster imaginative play, and encourage community building through teamwork. 


Discover the importance of nature's toy box!

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