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Boston Outdoor Preschool Network

Equity Projects

We aspire to create a world where nature education is accessible to all families, regardless of socio-economic status or life circumstances.  


Public School Partnerships

Forest Days bring the benefits of outdoor education to public schools, ensuring that young children in urban neighborhoods have access to nature and play.  Children build resilience and self-regulation by playing and learning outdoors in a wide variety of weather conditions.  

BOPN at Woodcliff Street

Our vision is to transform vacant lots on Woodcliff Street in Roxbury into a tuition-free nature preschool with gardens and community green space.  Our program will provide childcare at no cost to twenty neighborhood families who might not otherwise have access to high-quality nature preschool.

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BOPN at the Franklin Park Zoo

We are working toward opening a tuition-free BOPN preschool at the Franklin Park Zoo in September 2024, with funding from Universal PreK, grants, and donations.  Our zoo preschool will be accessible to neighborhood families who might not otherwise have access to nature-based early education.

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