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Donations Directly Benefit Scholarships for Students & Families in Need

As a nonprofit, one of our central goals is to ensure that all local families, regardless of income or life circumstances, are able to access BOPN programming.


100% of the proceeds from donations will be used to support student scholarships, financial aid, & income based tuition awards. 

"Investing in BOPN with a donation is an investment for the future.”

~Ari Taylor, BOPN Parent

We know that the benefits of nature-based education for young children are exponential -- better immune systems, decreased behavioral issues, higher self-esteem and self-confidence, and fostering stewardships, to name a few. But access to high quality outdoor early education is limited for families whose children could most benefit.


Boston Outdoor Preschool Network is committed to being part of the movement to change this. One way we do this is through the provision of scholarships to families from all backgrounds and all walks of life, with a focus on expanding access for children of color and children living in urban school districts. 


Your partnership will allow us to continue to enroll children whose families are experiencing financial barriers to outdoor early education.


Join us in expanding the network of families invested in outdoor early education. Join us in raising up a generation of confident, capable children who are deeply appreciative of nature and its benefits.

Benefits of Forest Days

The benefits of play in nature are undeniable: children’s immune systems improve, social-emotional skills are honed, self-confidence and self-esteem develop, and creative and critical thinking skills sharpen. There are academic benefits as well, including better hand-eye coordination and core strength, which are essential for children to later sit at desks and write.  BOPN Forest Days incorporates place-based literacy as children explore maps, signs, and field guides, and math skills are developed naturally as we count and sort pinecones, measure sticks, and find shapes in nature.  Forest Days ensure that children in urban areas have these invaluable experiences in natural environments within their own neighborhoods.  For a window into BOPN Forest Days at Charles Sumner Elementary School, see this presentation, by BOPN Public School Partnerships Coordinator Vanessa Niro.


"In the woods and gardens that are his playgrounds, our son has come into his own. Thanks to the scholarship he received, this beautiful experience is available to him, and we're so grateful for the generosity that makes it possible."

~BOPN Parent

"We received a full scholarship for our daughter and it was a dream come true for us.

~Winger Daniele, BOPN Parent

How can you support BOPN?

Give Now:

  • Donors can make a one-time or recurring contribution via Givebutter.

Shop to Contribute: November 2022

  • Purchase BOPN t-shirts or sweatshirts, available in sizes youth XS - adult 3XL.  All proceeds go to the BOPN scholarship fund!

  • Stock up for the holidays with a new stroller wagon, perfect for transporting little ones, all their gear, and your coffee on all kinds of outdoor adventures, be it forest, beach, or city. Thanks to the generosity of Gladly Family, a percentage of proceeds from the sales go to BOPN!


"A scholarship from BOPN made it possible for us to give our son the childhood education we wanted for him."


“BOPN has been a life changing experience for our toddler. He is more confident, curious, and comfortable outdoors than ever before. When overwhelmed he seeks out nature as a source of peace. We are thrilled that he’s been able to play with peers, engage with loving teachers, and explore his world, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Elm Bank Gardens. Every time my app alerts, I excitedly see pictures of him jumping in puddles, reading under a tree, and rolling down hills. I’m confident he’s happy and thriving.


BOPN gives me peace of mind that I'm providing the best educational experience possible for my son."

~Jessica MacManus, BOPN Parent


In October 2022, 37 families saw tuition reductions from either scholarships or financial aid totaling $21,863.95.


10% of BOPN's annual budget is reserved for scholarships & tuition discounts.


In 2021-2022, BOPN self-funded over $80,000 in scholarships at our JP/Roslindale site alone.

Help us reach our $10,000 Goal!

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"We are truly grateful for the opportunity to send Phoebe to BOPN and have already seen her grow in so many ways."

The cost to raise three kids in this economy, coming out of the struggles of the pandemic and dealing with chronic illness make programs like these seem unattainable for too many families. Having the option and ability for financial aide makes this program available for all kids. 


Investing in BOPN with a donation to ensure this program is available to as many families as possible is an investment for the future.

~Ari Taylor, BOPN Parent

Give Today

Did you know that children from low-income families with access to excellent preschools are more likely than their peers to graduate from college? 


You can make a difference by helping BOPN to narrow the achievement gap and offer children who need it most the opportunity to create, explore, and discover.