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Half Day Toddler

A fully outdoor program for our littlest explorers!

Half Day Toddler

Our half toddler program at The Gardens at Elm Bank is a unique opportunity for families to ensure their children are getting the high quality outdoor time they need each day. The gardens at Massachusetts Horticultural Society and forest at Elm Bank reservation open up a world of outdoor exploration for children! (Click here for a video of the grounds.) Toddlers can run through open fields and meadows, recognize the earth as provider in the vegetable garden, and delight in the sensory encounter that smelling roses and herbs bestows on young learners.

Meeting in the same spot every day provides our students with the routine and structure essential for success. At the same time, every morning outside brings something new!   After the class has arrived, the group hikes to a different "adventure spot" each morning.  We carefully select these outdoor "classrooms" for safety and diversity of natural elements that support children's imagination and creativity. Regular spots include  Dirt Hills, a shady forest refuge where students can climb, explore, and engage in joyful mud play on rainy days, Construction World, where children can build forts, ships, and canopys, and Nest World, where children can play in a life-sized nest, re-enacting the life-cycle of a bird!

Children have a small snack at the adventure spot and then are free to play, explore, read, and participate in self-initiated or teacher-guided projects. all under close supervision of our talented, dedicated team of teachers.  Around 11:15, the children sit for a gratitude circle. If you were a robin in the tree, you'd hear some children cheer about jumping off logs, others beam about bugs, and still more who find fortifying friendships to be most memorable!

In the fall and spring, around 11:30 AM, the class will travel to their lunch spot to picnic. In the winter months, the children will be dismissed early to travel home for a cup of cocoa!

Family members can review their child's day via the ProCare app, which allows teachers to document individual and group learning in rich format that includes photo and video. Teachers highlight early learning competencies, such as "Curiosity & Initiative: The child invents projects and works on them with growing independence."

Interested in Half Day Toddler?

To inquire about admission to our Wellesley half day toddler program, please complete our interest form and a staff member will be in touch shortly.

At a Glance:

  • Ages 15 months- 2.9 years

  • September 15 - June 16

  • Monday-Friday, 8:30AM - 12:30PM (September 15 - November 30; April 1 - June 16); 9AM - 12PM (December 1 - March 31)

**Note: flexible winter hours on the coldest days**

For more information and tuition pricing, please inquire

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