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For ages 2.9 years - 4 years, BOPN offers mixed-age half and full day nature immersive classes designed to spark curiosity and concentration,  foster independence, and cultivate resilience in young learners as they play and grow together.


Curiosity & Concentration

"We’re going on a mushroom hunt …

Gonna find a big one! 

What a beautiful day! 

We’re not scared 

Yesterday we counted over 20 mushrooms on our walk.  Cries of ‘I found a mushroom!’ can be heard along almost any walk through the grass these days, even playing with sticks has lead to the discovery of jelly fungus. With each excited discovery, the children are building their observant eye, feeling the joy in ‘finding’, and becoming budding naturalists."

~Lead Preschool Teacher

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

  • creating units of study based on each class's unique interests

  • modeling wonder at the world

  • asking questions about the environment

  • giving children uninterrupted time to deeply engage with their activities



"With lumbered steps, the branch inched its way across the day's adventure spot. Crawl...pant...crawl ..pant. The heavy breaths of the youth evidenced their determination and strength. One of the older students recognized the need for leadership and stepped up, giving pointed instructions to the group, guiding them through the diverse terrain. The children worked together, often stopping for breaks, for thirty minutes. Though the class encountered many difficulties, eventually they succeeded in building  their fort. "

~Lead Preschool Teacher

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN students gain resilience through...

  • persevering on long hikes

  • spending time outdoors in all weather

  • working with "unpredictable" materials, such as sticks, when building

  • emulating their older peers in a mixed-age setting

snow break_edited.jpg


"I'm grateful at BOPN my daughter and all the preschool children have the time and space to learn self-help skills..  At home, in a rush, I often dress my daughter.  At school, the teachers provide time to grow. Yesterday at school, my daughter happily put on her rain boots first- no socks, no snow pants. She wanted to get outside after nap and fast. But…hmm…the socks didn't fit over the boots and neither did the snow pants.  The skilled staff allowed her to experiment in order to grow her independence and internalize the process needed for getting ready"

~BOPN Parent

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN students learn independence by...

  • taking care of their own belongings

  • learning to assess the needs of their own body and act on their conclusions 

  • negotiating play agreements with their peers

  • choosing their own educational tasks for each day

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Half Day Preschool

Ages: 2.9 - 4 years

Location: Wellesley, JP/Roslindale, & Malden 

Morning Class, Mixed Age

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Full Day Preschool

Ages 2.9 - 4 years

Location: Wellesley, JP/Roslindale

Mixed Age Program

"My son is so excited to share what he learned when I pick him up each day. He's more inquisitive, independent, and fearless than he was before. Since attending preschool at BOPN, he seeks "activities" rather than asking for screen time."


~BOPN Parent

Secure Your Spot!

To secure your spot, in addition to the enrollment packet, we require a deposit equal to two month’s tuition for the school year.  If you need to arrange alternate payment arrangements, feel free to reach out to us.

Don’t forget if you need financial assistance for SY23-24 to submit a financial aid application by January 1, 2023. All families currently receiving financial aid must re-apply. Early enrollment discount does not apply to aid applicants.  Tuition for  2023 can be found here.


In early January, you will receive your Program and Payment schedule and an enrollment packet to complete.  You will have until February 10, 2023 to complete your early enrollment. Current families who submit the Intent to Re-Enroll Form by December 16, 2022 and complete enrollment no later than February 10, 2023 will receive a 5% discount on any school year or full day summer program tuition.

Questions about re-enrollment logistics? Please contact BOPN Enrollment Specialist, Jessica Low.


Early Enrollment

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