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Pre-K & Kindergarten

For ages 4 years - 6 years, BOPN's Forest Kindergarten curriculum, integrated into our mixed age half and full day programs, inspires a sense of stewardship towards both the environment and mankind as kindergartners gain confidence as leaders in their classes.







"We learned through play what it's like to survive as squirrels.  In the game Acorn Hide-and-Seek, the children discovered how difficult it can be to find fallen acorns on the ground--even when scurrying around under oak trees! Then they had fun choosing safe places to hide their nuts ahead of the winter. For other students, burying acorns under leaves and twigs so other animals would not find them morphed into gathering materials to build a nest. 

~Forest Kindergarten Teacher

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN students become stewards by...

  • respecting the plants and animals in their environment

  • observing the beauty of the natural world, which instills a desire to preserve mother earth

  • attuning their hearts to the changing of seasons

  • identifying the role of all living creatures, great or small, in their ecosystem

"Our philosophy of leadership learning includes observing and letting children try to solve problems instead of jumping in and solving them for them. When children cannot come to a solution or need our support to share their frustrations, we will model language that offers some potential solutions. This helps foster authentic empathy, independence, and supports children in learning what it means to be part of a community. BOPN  teamwork and persistence is admirable!"

~Forest Kindergarten Teacher

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN students develop leadership by...

  • guiding and setting examples for their younger peers in a mixed-age setting

  • creating and organizing their own games and adventures

  • compromising and negotiating the rules of self-directed activities

  • practicing empathy with all living things from bugs to animals to friends

"Building structures requires impressive engineering, spatial awareness, geometric, measurement, estimation, patterns, and problem-solving. The class worked together to build bridges across logs by talking through their process together, and determine that factors that will make their bridge stable, which includes adding, removing, and moving different branches. Stability, weight, length, and height are just a few examples of the mathematics vocabulary that the children are practicing during this play!"

~Forest Kindergarten Teacher

BOPN promotes curiosity & concentration by...

BOPN students engage in STEM activities such as...

  • Building bridges, forts, and structures

  • Following their questions to explore why pinecones open and close, why leaves change color, and more

  • Tending and keeping a garden

  • Comparing sizes, shapes, and weights


Ages: 4 - 6

Location: Wellesley, JP/Roslindale, Malden 

Morning Class, Mixed Age


Forest Kindergarten

Half Day Pre-K

& Kindergarten

Ages 4 - 6 only

Location:  JP/Roslindale

Afternoon Class

Full Day Pre-K & Kindergarten

Ages 4-6

Location: Wellesley & JP/Roslindale

Mixed Age Class, Dedicated Afternoon Project Time


Secure Your Spot!

To secure your spot, in addition to the enrollment packet, we require a deposit equal to two month’s tuition for the school year.  If you need to arrange alternate payment arrangements, feel free to reach out to us.

Don’t forget if you need financial assistance for SY23-24 to submit a financial aid application by January 1, 2023. All families currently receiving financial aid must re-apply. Early enrollment discount does not apply to those seeking aid. Tuition for 2023 can be found here.

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Early Enrollment

In early January, you will receive your Program and Payment schedule and an enrollment packet to complete.  You will have until February 10, 2023 to complete your early enrollment and receive a 5% early-enrollment discount, before it opens up to waitlisted families. 

Questions about re-enrollment logistics? Please contact BOPN Enrollment Specialist, Jessica Low.

"It's impossible to convey to you how grateful I am to have knowledgeable and compassionate guides like you in this [parenting] journey. Thank you for all that you do, the wonderful program you are creating, and for doing your best to make it accessible to families from all socio-economic backgrounds. We're so grateful to be part of the BOPN community."

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