Whose Tracks are these?

Whose tracks are these?

What a snowy day, take a look around!

The snow may seem clear,

but look a little closer and what do we see?


Whose are they?

Are they yours?

Are they mine…

Or are they someone else’s?

Let’s find out! We can:

  • Use our math skills to count. How many toes does this animal have? How many feet?

  • Refine our vision: Look a little closer. Are the tracks deep or shallow? Did a light or heavy animal make them? How far apart is each footstep?

  • Use our social skills to discuss with others: “I think these are rabbit tracks, what do you think?”

Keep looking and keep asking!

Who else’s tracks can you find today?


About the Author of this Post:

Hello! I’m Yoshiko, a junior environmental studies major at Carleton college, Sarah Besse’s alma mater. I joined BOPN for a two-week internship in December, and had so much fun I decided to write a poem about one of our snowy days!

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