Fall 2022 Toddler Connections

Toddler Connections (TC) is a seasonal playgroup for toddlers ages 15 months to 2.9, led by seasoned teaching staff, including BOPN co-Founder Sara Murray. Children are accompanied by parents or other caregivers. Families connect with nature and one another and learn about nature-based early childhood education. We engage children through song, reading nature-based stories, and free play.

Your child will benefit from regular socialization with a group of peers in the comforting presence of their parent or caregiver. Parents appreciate spending time with an experienced educator, who serves as a resource regarding preschool, parenting, and more!

The TC format mimics that of our half-day preschool. Siblings are welcome. To cover the cost of materials, there is a $50 add on fee for regularly attending siblings over the age of 15 months.

For more information, read about our Wellesley group here and our JP/Roslindale group here.

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