Savannah Russo

School Garden Coordinator


Arboretum Location

Savannah is currently entering her senior year at Wesleyan University.  She’s always been passionate about teaching children and the outdoors because it allows them to learn about their surroundings and develop their curiosity while having fun and enjoying themselves. 

Although she grew up in New York City, Savannah has always been drawn to nature and exploring the natural world. She even attended school on a farm in Maine during her junior year of high school, which was one of the highlights of her educational experiences. She’s excited to spread this joy and wonder for learning with young explorers this summer!

Most of Savannah's teaching experience comes from teaching second through eighth graders Chinese at afterschool programs, summer programs, and through tutoring. Savannah spent last summer working with children at an art/tech camp.  

For her career, Savannah would like to continue pursuing her passion for environmental science and environmental stewardship and go into research, policy, or urban planning. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys hiking, cooking, swimming, and playing music with friends.

Savannah Russo