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Sarah Satgunam

Administrative Director

BOPN Parent

Sarah first came to the organization as parent of a BOPN preschooler. She fell in love with the BOPN model through witnessing her daughter’s "magical" experience in the Wellesley half-day program. BOPN helped her learn how to equip her kids for more outside time, even on the coldest and rainiest of days! Ultimately, Sarah was inspired to use her diverse experience in clinical social work, training, research, and higher education administration to support the growth of the organization and make the BOPN experience accessible to more families. As a mom, Sarah is especially passionate about supporting preschool parents and fostering a sense of community amongst BOPN staff, families, and local organizations. Sarah holds a BA from New York University and an MSW from Boston University, and she maintains an independent clinical social work license in the state of Massachusetts. In her spare time, she enjoys walking the “fairy trail” near her house with her family, learning to garden, and listening to podcasts on topics including child development, design thinking, behavioral economics, and integrative approaches to health and wellness.

Sarah Satgunam
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