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Rachel Piontkewicz


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Rachel is a graduate student at Lesley University, completing her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in School & Community, leading to an Initial license in School Adjustment PreK-12. She also completed her bachelor’s degree in May of 2020 from Lesley University with a degree in Counseling. She completed three internships in undergrad, all revolving around assisting children and adolescents with their social and emotional needs. 

Last year she completed her clinical internship as a counseling intern at Parker Elementary School in Billerica, and this year is again a counseling intern at Wellesley High School, completing her DESE internship.

Rachel’s love for nature began at a young age while searching for bugs, tadpoles, and anything she could find under a wet log. In high school, she had the opportunity to assist scientists in the rainforest in Honduras and gained a great appreciation for nature through this experience. In working with children and adolescents with their social and emotional needs, nature’s role in its ability to teach and ground them has become very apparent. 

Rachel is excited to help enrich the children’s innate desire to explore and create within the natural world.

Rachel enjoys being active and outdoors in her spare time, whether water skiing, swimming, kayaking, or hiking.

Rachel Piontkewicz
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