Lylah Molnar

Lead Preschool Teacher

Full Day

Wellesley Location

Spending time in the wilderness is in Lylah’s genes.  Born in Alaska after her parents moved to Anchorage to hike and enjoy the natural wonders, she was raised to appreciate the natural world.  Following in her mother’s footsteps, Lylah spent several years hosting field trips and also as a nature summer camp counselor.  She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Early Childhood Education and has since taught for seven and a half years and also written project-based curricula for young children.  Lylah loves spending time out of doors with her students and witnessed the true fruits of this experience while working with toddlers in Budapest, Hungary, where the law necessitates at least two hours in the school garden area each day.  The students absolutely flourished in the snow, rain, and mud!  Lylah is thrilled to be joining the team in Wellesley to bless the children locally with a similar experience!

In her free time, Lylah enjoys hiking with husband, snow tubing with her daughter, and baking in the kitchen.  She can’t wait to help the preschoolers of the Boston Outdoor Preschool Network to play, learn, and thrive in the fresh air!

Lylah Molnar