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Julia Sappenfield

Lead Teacher

Half Day Preschool

Growing up outside Hamburg, Germany, many of Julia's happiest memories were of being outside. She spent her days running around with the neighbor kids inventing games, playing in the mud, or building things with wood. They would throw sticks into a nearby stream to see which one went the fastest. Being outside made her who she is, teaching her fair play, independence, cooperation and imagination. As a lead preschool teacher for three years at the German International School of Boston, Julia saw the same things. When the children were outside, they were completely different – more active, more open to discovery, more relaxed, curious, and excited. That’s why she joined Boston Outdoor Preschool Network. After years spent in other fields – hospitality, event management, and coordinating au pairs from all over the world – she had her own kids and loved playing with them. Whether it’s arts and crafts, singing, or just being silly, it felt meaningful. Now they’re older – and she still hasn’t grown up! Julia believes that children always have something to say if you give them a chance and listen. They’re geniuses, and comedians, and amazing problem-solvers. Combining all these things at BOPN is the fulfillment of her life’s work – and also just the beginning. She looks forward to each day, learning from the children and watching them grow in nature, where they can find out who they are and see firsthand the remarkable world they’re inheriting. Julia is a certified nature-based teacher and Forest School teacher.

Julia Sappenfield
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