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Jim Gray

Substitute Teacher

School Year & Summer

Jim started his career as an early childhood educator, working with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. He still finds early childhood development to be awe inspiring, and young children a joy to be with. He’s especially interested in how nature-based education can engage children (and their adults) with the interdependent relationships of natural ecosystems, support their role as naturalists who appreciate and protect the natural world (just as their curiosity naturally makes them scientists who want to explore and discover), and perhaps extend that gratitude and care to other areas of life.

Jim’s bachelor’s and graduate degrees are in education. His academic and professional work have focused on child development, learning science, and technology design. He sees well-designed early learning environments as a good model for all education to promote personal agency, community responsibility, and wisdom. He is currently writing a book about supporting healthy development and learning in our rapidly changing, high-stakes world.

Jim is father to twin tween girls, spouse to a fellow educator, and primary walker of Yogi, their enthusiastic 80-pound Black Lab rescue dog. He discovered BOPN while exploring the Arnold Arboretum with Yogi, and enjoys being part of the BOPN community.

Jim Gray
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