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Jessica Low

Enrollment Specialist

Jessica was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston where she spent summers wandering in the woods, playing kickball in the middle of the road, and riding bikes with the other neighborhood kids.  She attended Boston University graduating in 2005 with a BA in Political Science and promptly completed her Juris Doctor in 2008 at Northeastern University.

She spent several years building a general corporate practice at a large Boston law firm before moving with her family to California. While in California, Jessica took a break from the professional world in order to focus on her new baby and to adjust to west coast living.

When it became clear that Jessica and her family were not west coast people, she returned to Massachusetts with her husband, two toddlers, and dog in tow.  Now, fully settled in the Metrowest suburbs and with school-aged children, Jessica has rediscovered her professional life at BOPN.  Her work as Enrollment Specialist is critical to ensure smooth operations and to help the organization grow!

Jessica Low
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