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Jameson Grauer

Lead Teacher

Half Day

Jameson is excited to be joining the BOPN team! Growing up amongst the Phoenix mountains, he has always had a love for everything outdoors - except for grasshoppers! :-) He’s lived along the west coast (Arizona, California, Washington), as well as Italy (Florence), and is now excited to see what the east coast has to offer! Growing up in a Montessori environment helped Jameson develop an appreciation for the mindful philosophy, and so at 20 he began working as a teacher’s assistant in a Montessori classroom alongside his former preschool teacher.  After a few months he was promoted to Lead Teacher.  He is experienced in working with preschool and kindergarten-aged children.

Jameson’s second love is Art, which took him to Florence, Italy for two years to learn Classical Painting & Sculpture; he hopes to use this knowledge and skill set to bring some fun and creative ideas into the classroom. You might hear him speak Italian - or maybe even see some sign language!

In his spare time, you will likely find Jameson fixing something, painting, engineering, cycling, or playing the guitar . . . or you just may find him roaming the forest with his little dog, Bella, in tow, for there is always something to discover in the forest!

Jameson Grauer
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