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Isaac Blodgett

Teaching Fellow

Half Day

Isaac is a recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Conservation. Isaac is passionate about utilizing children’s curiosity and creativity to create spaces for them to become stewards of the natural world. He believes in the importance of teaching environmental diligence not only because it improves the health of the land, but also the lives of people. Isaac feels most at home while exploring the natural beauty found in Massachusetts where he grew up. He attributes his own devotion for the natural world to having passionate educators in school and at nature camps. This drew him toward spending the summer following his graduation teaching environmental education at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science's nature-based summer camps. Isaac also brings with him experience with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, where he helped provide funding to landowners for improving environmental conditions on their properties. He worked on projects related to a variety of natural resource concerns such as wetland protection, forest composition, and soil quality. He enjoys teaching at BOPN and showing the children what makes the outdoors such a great place!

Isaac Blodgett
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