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Heather Norcross

Lead Teacher

Forest Kindergarten

Heather is happy to join the BOPN community! She was strongly impacted by a childhood spent outdoors in her mother’s garden and in the lush wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest near Seattle. Growing up in the Evergreen State fostered a deep love of every kind of plant, fungi, animal, insect, and arachnid, and she loves to share the joy of discovery and stewardship with others. With this foundation, Heather first began working with young children in 2008, and has enjoyed working with toddlers and preschool age children in several early childhood education settings over the years. Her very favorite thing is to help children feel seen and heard, and to make sure they have opportunities to use critical thinking, problem-solve, and feel proud of themselves!

Heather has an A.S. in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Social Work, where she has focused her studies on children’s social-emotional development and supporting healthy families in a way that values the diversity of human experience. Heather is so excited to start teaching in a nature-based program.  She is starting her Masters of Social Work at Boston University in the fall. When she is not spending time with little ones or furthering her own education, you can find Heather hiking in the green spaces of the North Shore region, cooking up a meal, or reading a good book with her beloved cats Gideon & Moon!

Heather Norcross
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