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Destidy Perez

Toddler and Preschool Teacher

Summer & School Year

From waking up early to do farm chores to excitedly listening as her parents shared photos of the animals they encountered at work, the outdoors has always been a central part of Destidy’s home. Moving across the country to attend Wellesley College only strengthened her interest and appreciation for nature. And what better way to enjoy nature than with people who share the same awe - BOPN children! Jumping in puddles with the young children, admiring the next cool stick with the pupils, helping the worms off the road  are all things Destidy looks forward to each day! Working with BOPN has inspired Destidy to be an Education Studies major and pursue a career in education social policy. You can catch Destidy reading graphic novels, playing farm simulator games, and roller skating in her free time.

Destidy Perez
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