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Danita Burns

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

Parent of BOPN Alum

Danita’s journey with BOPN began in 2021 as a parent. What started as desperation to find school for her daughter, quickly became admiration for the place she calls “the thing I didn’t know my kid needed.” 

Since then Danita has joined the team as Admissions Coordinator, and spends her days spreading a fierce love for outdoor programming. She is committed to making BOPN accessible to ALL families, and delights in supporting the needs of both children and parents alike. Her passion for people and genuine interest in their stories is evident in every conversation she has.

Danita is a jill-of-all-trades with vast experience in marketing and program management for both non-profits and Fortune 500 companies. She spent almost 20 years behind the chair as a hairstylist, and has worked numerous stints in the culinary world–as a personal chef, in scratch kitchens and bakeries, and cooking for passengers on a schooner traveling the Maine coast. Most recently, she ran a food pantry here in Boston but left to take on her most challenging role yet…as a SAHM to a tiny dragon.

She holds a BA in Psychology & Business from Susquehanna University and is dangerously close to completing a Master’s Degree in Public Health at Northeastern. Outside BOPN Danita enjoys ordering take-out, daydreaming about future travel, and seeing the world anew through the eyes of her daughter.

Danita Burns
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