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Clairemise Rubiera

Lead Teacher

Half Day Preschool

Growing up in Massachusetts, Clairemise spent time exploring beaches, playing outdoors with her siblings, and visiting farms with her family. With over 8 years experience working with children in different settings/ and age groups from being a preschool social worker, to middle school, to providing therapeutic mentoring one on one, she is fascinated by childrens curiousity and creativity to learn. During the pandemic, she spent time outdoors exploring new parks and wildlife with her daughter. Previously, she worked as a therapeutic mentor - providing social/ emotional development support with a focus on mindfulness. She has a passion for cultivating and fostering self expression in children.

Clairemise graduated from UMASS boston were she received a degree in social psychology and communications. She also had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, were she was exposed to new cultures and outdoor life.  In addition, she is bi-lingual!

Clairemise enjoys reading stories to children, travel, going for walks, cooking, is a food enthusiast, loves live music/ theater and enjoys getting lost in a good book.

Clairemise Rubiera
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