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Bryan Morales

Lead Teacher

Half Day Preschool

Bryan grew up in the Los Angeles area, and lived most of his life in California. Growing up, Bryan had few opportunities to be outdoors in nature.

When Bryan was 9, he went to Junior Lifeguards summer camp. While he was intimidated, and sometimes terrified, of the ocean, his experiences there forever changed how he perceived wild places- they can be places of challenge and discovery! Thus began a lifelong love of the ocean and a willingness to push himself out of his comfort zone.

When Bryan was a young adult, he discerned the best path forward for his life. While living and traveling in Europe, he realized that he loved spending time in nature. And his experiences working as a tutor recalled the joys he had experienced as an older brother to 6 siblings. With that in mind, he moved to San Francisco with the goal to become an outdoor educator.

Bryan spent the next several years dedicated to working in outdoor education- working as an instructor on youth and adult expeditions for Outward Bound California and National Outdoor Leadership School.

When he became a parent, he dedicated himself to being a stay-at-home dad, while still working with middle schoolers part-time for Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center in Boston Harbor.

He also began working in his daughter’s parent-run cooperative indoor preschool. When the preschool shut down because of the pandemic, he realized that he wanted to continue working as a community organizer and preschool teacher, but outdoors!

He decided to start his own outdoor cooperative preschool in his local forest. The new program and community that he founded reflects his values for child-led learning environments, place-based education, and character development.

Bryan is excited to learn from and be inspired by his students, while also sharing his knowledge and joy in return.

When Bryan is not working, he enjoys surfing, stand-up-paddle boarding, swimming in ponds, running and gardening.

Bryan Morales
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