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Betsy Carbajal

SuccessLink Youth Worker


Betsy is a Freshman at Boston Prep High School.  Her responsible nature makes her an excellent guide for young learners.  Besty hopes to model life-long learning for the BOPN children, as they hold within them infinite possibilities.  What drew Betsy to BOPN is how creative, fun, and innocent the kids are, as well as how they stand at wonder with the world.  Betsy hopes to be a listening ear for the youth this summer and through these observations to gently encourage the students to expand their imaginations.

Fascinated by the eye which looks so simple, yet remains so complicated, Betsy aspires to attend college and become an ophthalmologist. 

When she’s not at school, Betsy enjoys spending time with friends and family out of doors at the local park.

Betsy Carbajal
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