Pick-up and drop-off occur off Bussey Street near Peter's Hill Gate.

The children are active participants in selecting which places within the Arboretum we visit each day, and how we explore them.  

Click here for a map of the arboretum.

Please note that while we have a friendly relationship with the Arboretum, we are separate organizations and the Arboretum is not involved with organizing or operating BOPN's programs.

Daily Schedule


We operate mornings Monday through Friday.  Please contact us for scheduling details.  

Morning Session:

--> Drop-off near Peter's Hill Gate

--> Morning Circle

  • Greeting, song, weather-watch, seasonal events, safety rules and schedule

--> Emergent curriculum in nature

  • Play, guided exploration, nature walk, etc.

--> Snack

--> Play and learning in nature

  • Play, cooperative games/challenges, projects, etc.

--> Closing Circle

  • Gather to reflect on the day’s learning 

--> Pick-up from the Arboretum

School Calendar