Full Day Arboretum

A nature-immersive, mixed age program

Our full day preschool program is a unique opportunity for families to ensure their children are getting the high quality outdoor time they need each day. The Arnold Arboretum provides endless possibilities to nurture a young child's holistic development.

We spend our mornings outdoors exploring the diverse landscapes at the Arboretum. Families drop-off and pick-up their children at the same outdoor spot every day. At 8:30AM, we begin with a brief circle time that includes greetings, songs, seasonal events, and safety rules. We then travel to our "adventure spot," which varies each day. We carefully select these outdoor "classrooms" for safety and diversity of natural elements that support children's imagination and creativity.

Children have a small snack at the adventure spot and then are free to play, explore, read, and participate in self-initiated or teacher-guided projects, all under close supervision of our talented, dedicated team of teachers.

Around 11:30AM, the class will travel back to our indoor space for lunch and rest time. After rest time, the class will typically venture back to the Arboretum to play as families arrive for pick up at 3:30PM. Family members can review their child's day via Storypark, which allows teachers to document individual and group learning in rich format that includes photo and video. Storypark child notes and classroom stories are tagged with relevant early learning competencies.

To inquire about admission to our full day preschool program near the Arboretum, please complete our interest form and a staff member will be in touch shortly.

Ages 2.9 to 6
September - June (separate summer program, effective July 2023)
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 3:30PM
Tuition: $ 20,000 (September 2022 - June 2023)

A $4,000 deposit (applied to September and October 2022) as well as a $150 enrollment fee is due to enroll. Subsequent payments of $2,000 are due on the last day of the prior month.