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Arboretum Toddler Connections

An outdoor school introduction for our community's littlest explorers!

Toddler Connections (TC) is an eight-week group for toddlers ages 15 months to 2.9 led by BOPN co-Founder Sara Murray. Children are accompanied by parents or other caregivers. Families connect with nature and one another and learn about nature-based early childhood education. We engage children through song, reading nature-based stories, and free play.

Your child will benefit from regular socialization with a group of peers in the comforting presence of their parent or caregiver. Parents appreciate spending time with an experienced educator, who serves as a resource regarding preschool, parenting, and more!

The TC format mimics that of our half-day preschool. The general schedule is:

10:00-10:15: Arrive, Explore Books & Materials
10:15-10:30: Circle Time
10:30-11:15: Child led play, using open-ended materials to facilitate exploration
11:15 - 11:30: Closing Circle

**On very cold, rainy, or windy days, the schedule for toddler connections may be adjusted for a shorter class. If the weather is particularly harsh, we may need to cancel or reschedule a class**

Siblings are welcome. To cover the cost of materials, there is a $50 add on fee for regularly attending siblings over the age of 15 months.

Winter 2022 Schedule (two sections)

JP/Roslindale: Tuesdays, 1/10 – 2/28
JP/Roslindale: Wednesdays, 1/11 – 3/1

Location: Arnold Arboretum

Tuition: $250 for new families; $200 for families currently or formerly enrolled in half day or full day preschool or toddler.

Each session, TC Families should bring:
An extra change of clothes for their child
A small snack
Water for you and your child
Rain pants and rain boots if it has rained within the past couple days or there is rain in the forecast

At BOPN, we run by the old saying, “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Rather than teaching children to view a cold or rainy day as inferior to a warm and sunny day, we guide the children to enjoy all that nature has to offer. To prepare for the colder months, ensure you stock up on the following:

Base layer: We recommend a merino wool long-sleeve shirt and pants with wool socks.
Mid layer: We recommend a fleece sweater with fleece pants with; liner gloves or mittens, as well as a liner hat or balaclava. Hand and toe warmers are a great way to keep extremities warm on the coldest of days!
Top layer: We recommend an insulated waterproof jacket with a hood and insulated, waterproof pants with waterproof mittens as well as a wool hat and neck warmer. You can keep your child’s feet warm and dry in insulated, waterproof boots.

By dressing in three layers, children are able to make memories meant to last a lifetime as they discover animal tracks in the snow, chisel out frozen treasures, and notice the barren branches glimmering in their white attire.

New families who want to learn more should submit an inquiry via our interest form. There is a $52 new family registration fee, which will be deducted from the total program cost.

Families who are currently or formerly enrolled in BOPN half or full day preschool should contact BOPN Enrollment Specialist, Jessica Low, at

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