Arboretum Toddler Connections

An outdoor school introduction for our community's littlest explorers!

Toddler Connections (TC) is an eight-week group for toddlers ages 15 months to 2.9, led by seasoned teaching staff, including BOPN co-Founder Sara Murray. Children are accompanied by parents or other caregivers. Families connect with nature and one another and learn about nature-based early childhood education. We engage children through song, reading nature-based stories, and free play.

The TC format mimics that of our half-day preschool. The general schedule is:

10:00-10:15 Gather
10:15-10:25(ish) Circle Time
10:25-11:00 Child led play, using open-ended materials to facilitate exploration
11:00-11:20 Snack, family discussion, visits from BOPN teachers and/or staff for Q & A
11:20 - 11:30 Closing Circle

Siblings are welcome to attend with families.

Tuition: $250 for new families; $150 for current and alumni BOPN families

Spring 2022 Schedule

Arboretum, Tuesdays, 4/26-6/14 [CLASS FULL]
Arboretum, Thursdays, 4/28-6/16

Each session, TC Families should bring:

Extra change of clothes for their child
A small snack
Water for you and your child
Rain pants and rain boots if it has rained within the past couple days or there is rain in the forecast (strongly recommended)

Please be aware that because we will be in a natural habitat, there is a risk of exposure to ticks and poison ivy. Ticks are active all year round. Please consider using bug repellant and dress your child in long sleeves and pants. Please also make sure to do a "tick check" on your child every day after group.

To protect and preserve their natural landscape, the Arboretum has strict guidelines around minimizing any activity that could have negative ecological or visual impact. As such, to reduce the impact of strollers, and to reduce the number of strollers parked together, we are asking that if possible, families leave strollers in the car.

To register, please submit an inquiry via our interest form or email