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Half Day Toddler

Ages 15 months - 2.9 years Wellesley

Ages 2.5 years - 2.9 years JP/Roslindale

A fully outdoor toddler program allowing tots to explore, touch, and know by splashing in puddles and jumping in leaf piles while developing a love of nature.


About BOPN Toddler Classes

Toddlers come to BOPN with hearts and minds wide open.  Their vivaciousness and energy, and desire to explore, touch, and know is catching.  The great outdoors is the perfect playground for these little tots.  If there’s a puddle to be found, our toddlers will be the first one there.  If there’s a leaf pile to jump in, these little feet will run to it.  Theirs is a world of sensory experiences, of tactile learning.  Toddlers  develop confidence as they explore their bodies and learn to climb up and down hills & logs, to make sandcastles and successfully fill a bucket.


This age group tends to be most interested in the effects of the seasons, as they live fully immersed in the here and now.  One teacher noted, “We spent time at the pond where we noticed patches of ice on the water. We were delighted to see the ducks walking on the ice! The children enjoyed exploring at the edge of the pond and picking up pieces of ice.”  These simple changes thrill our youngest classmates.

"Love the hands-on materials provided; love the free-play; love the long walks; love the enthusiasm of the teachers; truly love everything about it!"

~BOPN Parent

Sample Flow of the Day

Morning Circle

Hike to Adventure Spot


Child's Choice- Pupils may choose to engage in nature study, read, explore, craft, and participate in self-initiated or teacher-guided projects

Gratitude Circle

Hike to Pick Up Location

Pick Up

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Cultivate Curiosity, Connection, and Confidence!

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