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Half Day Toddler

Launching Fall 2023!

Program Location: Arnold Arboretum in Roslindale/ Jamacia Plain 

Program Ages: 2.5- 2.9 years

Program Hours: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM **

Program Options: Monday - Friday Only

Program Schedule: School Year (Sep - June) 

**Winter hours may be adjusted in cases of extreme weather**

A Fully Outdoors Program for Our Littlest Explorers!


Our half day toddler program aensures children are getting the high quality outdoor time they need each day. Toddlers can run through open fields and meadows, recognize the earth as provider in the vegetable garden, and delight in the sensory encounter that smelling roses and herbs bestows on young learners.


Meeting in the same spot every day provides our students with the routine and structure essential for success. At the same time, every morning outside brings something new!   After the class has arrived, the group hikes to a different "adventure spot" each morning.  We carefully select these outdoor "classrooms" for safety and diversity of natural elements that support children's imagination and creativity. 

Before heading to their pick up spot, the children sit for a gratitude circle. If you were a robin in the tree, you'd hear some children cheer about jumping off logs, others beam about bugs, and still more who find fortifying friendships to be most memorable!

 "We are so pleased with our experience at BOPN, my son is thriving. While we anticipated strong development on socio-emotional areas given BOPNs focus, we've been positively surprised at how much he has learned even in traditionally "academic" topics such as colors, letters, numbers -- areas we had no real expectations of him at this time.."

~BOPN Parent


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Immerse in nature immersion!

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