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Full Day Preschool

Ages 2.9 - 4 years

A nature-immersive, mixed-age program inspiring inquisitiveness, empathy, and creativity through exploration, observation, and discussion!


About BOPN Preschool

Children are natural scientists.  They relish seasonal changes, delight in changing fall leaves, and springtime blooms.  It is second nature for them to observe and question, wondering where the fish they saw in the fall are now that the pond is covered in ice.  Boston Outdoor Preschool Network honors this disposition and uses it as a springboard for learning. 


Our emergent curriculum follows the seasons and the children's interests to build a vocabulary overflowing with the flora and fauna of nature's school house! 


"BOPN provides outdoor educational programming in a variety of areas and supports children and families from different backgrounds. These experiences are integral in shaping the outcomes for our children and setting a precedent of taking notice and care of our natural world."

~BOPN Parent

Sample Schedule

8:30AM: Morning Circle

9:00AM: Hike to Adventure Spot

9:15AM Snack

9:30AM Child's Choice- Pupils may choose to engage in nature study, read, explore, craft, and participate in self-initiated or teacher-guided projects

11:30 Gratitude Circle

11:45 Hike to Lunch Spot

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Transition Indoors

1:00 - 2:30 Nap or Quiet Activities

3:00 Outdoor Free Play

3:30 Pick Up (4:00PM in Wellesley)

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Cultivate Curiosity, Connection, and Confidence!

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