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Full Day Pre-K & Kindergarten

Ages 2.9 - 4 years

A nature-immersive, mixed-age program fostering leadership and stewardship through problem solving, environmental awareness, and socio-emotional learning.


About BOPN Pre-K & Kindergarten

Kindergarten students desire to better know and understand the world around them.  "Who," "what," "where," "when," "why" and "how" are ever on their lips.  At BOPN, we follow these questions and the answers lead to place-based literacy activities, such as exploring maps, signs, and field guides, as well as math activities, such as counting and sorting pinecones, measuring sticks, and observing the stupendous shapes of the natural world.  We believe that all academic skills & concepts needed for elementary school can be taught outdoors and through exploring nature.  Grounded in the child's interests and taught through play, our kindergartners retain their love of learning and enter their elementary years with the dispositions needed for success!


"We wanted our kids to be nature lovers!  Our son is at the arboretum every day, rain or shine. He learns various things that we would not have been able to teach him, like different types of mushrooms! He is loving imaginative play. The other day, he offered me a sandwich made of tree trunk rounds! We also noticed that he is getting more coordinated and takes measured risks when we are hiking. I love seeing how happy he is in the woods! None of this could have been possible without our BOPN teachers!"

~BOPN Parent

Sample Schedule

8:30AM: Morning Circle

9:00AM: Hike to Adventure Spot

9:15AM Snack

9:30AM Pupils may choose to engage in nature study, read, explore, craft, teach younger students, and participate in self-initiated or teacher-guided projects

11:30 Gratitude Circle

11:45 Hike to Lunch Spot

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Transition Indoors

1:00 - 2:30 Project Time geared towards school readiness

3:00 Outdoor Free Play

3:30 Pick Up (4:00PM in Wellesley)

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Cultivate Curiosity, Connection, and Confidence!

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