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BOPN Partnership with FCNS

Boston Outdoor Preschool Network has partnered

with Framingham Centre Nursery School

to bring you our newest location...

Welcome to BOPN Framingham!

For six decades, FCNS has been a mainstay in the community–known for their excellence in the care and education of young children. From their beginnings in 1963 (through First Parish church) to now, FCNS has brought local families a trusted, nurturing space where children learn and thrive.


Situated on the former Wallace Nutting Estate, the property offers 5 acres of woodlands and trails for exploration and education. We also acknowledge this land as the traditional territory of the Nipmuc people, and recognize them as the original stewards of the grounds on which we learn and play. We honor the Nipmuc people by sharing their rich heritage and traditions with our students.       


With experienced director Jacey Norton at the helm, we will continue to provide a safe and positive environment for early childhood outdoor education, encouraging creativity and curiosity through emergent curriculum, and fostering divergent thinking and self-reliance in all students. 


Throughout Jacey’s 20+ years with FCNS, her role has grown from involved parent, to dedicated teacher, to the visionary Director who joins us now. Her experience with FCNS, knowledge of the community, and commitment to outdoor education is invaluable as we grow forward together.

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Half and Full Day 

June 20 - July 28

5 days/week

Ages 2 - 5 years

9:00AM - 1:00PM


9:00AM - 3:00PM

2 week minimum, tuition is pro-rated for short weeks (June 19, July 3)


Have a Question? We're Listening!

Thank you so much for reaching out. We'll be in touch soon!



Ages 2 - 2.11 years

Half Day & Full Day


Toddler Programs are designed to stimulate the senses and develop gross and fine motor skills, while fostering a sense of community.

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Ages 2.11 - 3.11 years

Half Day & Full Day


Programs are focused around sensory exploration, honing gross and fine motor skills, and building class community.



Ages 4 - 5 years

Half Day & Full Day

Mixed-age half and full day nature immersive programs designed to spark curiosity and concentration,  foster independence.

"It's impossible to convey to you how grateful I am to have knowledgeable and compassionate guides like you in this [parenting] journey. Thank you for all that you do, the wonderful program you are creating, and for doing your best to make it accessible to families from all socio-economic backgrounds. We're so grateful to be part of the BOPN community."

What's Next?

Cultivate Curiosity, Connection, & Confidence

1. Inquire:

Filling out an inquiry form lets us know you’re interested in learning more about BOPN. We will email you brief introductory information and help you arrange a time to see our sites!   

2. Visit:

Touring our classes gives you the opportunity to see our philosophy in practice, chat with our experienced nature educators, and stand in awe of the stunning forests, gardens, and landscapes the children explore. 


3. Enroll:

We will provide everything you need to complete our entirely online enrollment process (payment & forms).  Financial aid is available.

Take the first step.

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