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BOPN Family Advisory Board

What is the role of The FAB?

The function of the Family Advisory Board (FAB) is to support BOPN, as an organization and a community, to grow and thrive. FAB works to foster an inclusive and caring community across BOPN sites and amongst BOPN teachers, families, and local partners. FAB members contribute their talents, skills, and time to support BOPN programs, teachers, families, and community partners.

The FAB Core

The FAB Core consists of the Administrative Committee, Co-Chairs, and Teacher Liaisons. The FAB Core meets two to three times per year.


Each BOPN site can have one to three Co-Chairs. Co-Chairs may be nominated by teachers, family members, or BOPN leadership, or may volunteer. Proposed maximum term is two years. Co-Chairs are family members of current or former BOPN students. Responsibilities of Co-Chairs include:

  • Gathering feedback from families and propose volunteer tasks or ideas for new committees

  • Co-creating proposed annual goals with Teacher Liaisons 

  • Providing requested feedback to BOPN leadership on proposed programs or policies 

  • Helping match volunteers to appropriate tasks, projects, or committees​

Teacher Liaisons

Each BOPN site has at least one Teacher Liaison. Teacher Liaisons may be nominated by fellow teachers or family members or may volunteer. Responsibilities of Teacher Liaisons include:

  • Gather feedback from respective site teachers and propose volunteer tasks or ideas for new committees

  • Co-create proposed annual goals with Co-Chairs


Family Volunteers & Committees

Volunteering and committee membership are ways for family members to get more involved in the BOPN community. Please note that volunteers who have any contact with BOPN students will be required to undergo a screening and background check.


Family Volunteers

BOPN will maintain a list of needs that can be fulfilled by volunteers. Volunteers contact their Co-Chairs to indicate interest and take on tasks they are interested in and available to do. Volunteers can take on one-time tasks (ex. hang a whiteboard in the classroom), time-limited projects (ex. coordinating an event for families), or join a committee (ex. Gardening Committee). 

Current Volunteer Needs

  • BOPN Families Facebook Group Admins

  • Organize A Family Event

  • Substitute Teachers

  • Group Tour Guides

  • Marketing: ex. post to town-specific Facebook Groups


Committees may be established as ongoing needs become apparent. Committees determine their own structure and communication, though we recommend committees have one to two coordinators. Committee projects should align with FAB Annual Goals and prioritize expressed BOPN community needs.

Proposed Committees

Committees can include interested parents, caregivers, teachers, and staff. BOPN has identified an ongoing need for the following committees:


  • Maintenance & Grounds (e.g., helping BOPN make repairs and improvements at each site) 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (e.g., initiatives to expand access to outdoor education, identifying areas for professional and organizational development) 

  • Nature Connections (e.g., maintain garden at the Green Learning Center)

  • Community Engagement (e.g., organizing family events, teacher appreciation, assistance with on-the-ground marketing initiatives, giving back to host sites and towns/cities)

Want to be involved? 

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